Leslie is a gifted, brilliant theatre artist and teacher. Her wealth of knowledge in acting techniques, directing, writing, stage movement and stage combat is unparalleled. Whenever I have an acting question or challenge she can always help me find the solution very quickly!
Don’t hesitate to sign up for a class!  

Pamela Battin-Sacks


A big highlight this year is the opportunity to be directed by the brilliant Leslie Pasternack in a new devised work of physical theater for Articine! Leslie is tender yet rigorous in her collaboration and she makes me feel safe to experiment and make mistakes.

Amanda Whitworth

NH Artist Laureate, Plymouth State U. Director of Dance, Articine co-founder

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Leslie on several theatrical projects. The experience has always been rewarding and great fun. She is a wonderful director, generous with her time and always has great insights into script and character. A consummate professional. I would jump at the opportunity to work with her again.  

Michele Macadaeg

costume designer

Leslie is a truly gifted teacher, director and performer, with an unusually broad and deep understanding of the art and craft of theater.  Her passion and communication skills make any work with her inspiring and enlightening!

Sherry Bonder


If you are considering taking class with Leslie, stop considering and sign up! 🙂  She is an incredibly talented performer and teacher. I have the great fortune to have performed with her and worked with her on my own show, and I have deep trust and respect for her. She creates a safe environment for the performer, which is crucial to getting your best work out.

Stephanie Lazenby

actor & teacher

Leslie Pasternack is a powerhouse of passion backed by a wealth of information and experience in all aspects of theater!  A gifted performer and director herself, she is able to share what she has learned in a way that inspires and elevates whether one is new to the work or has been involved in the dramatic arts for many years.  

Dina Crawford


I learned so much about acting from Leslie!  Her wealth of knowledge and experience are remarkable.  Any actor who wants to learn and grow, at any experience level, should take her classes.  

Steve Sacks


I took a 6 week directing class with Leslie at the helm. I came into the class as a novice and left with enough confidence to direct a play. In addition to learning from Leslie’s incredible breadth of knowledge and experience, we had a chance to direct, rehearse and workshop a piece with lots of valuable feedback from Leslie, our actors and fellow classmates.

Kathy Weinstock


Leslie approaches the craft with tremendous enthusiasm, professionalism, and spirit. No matter whether it’s in a class, or a private session in her studio, she always gives you her full attention and focus.

James Grillo


Where does one start? Leslie IS Theater! Over the past 14 years I have had the pleasure of working with Leslie “on-stage” as a fellow actor, as a player under her direction and as a participant in her directing class. I have also sought her guidance in character development and script analysis. While her theatrical insights are enormous, they are only eclipsed by her human skills. She is perceptive, patient, kind and most importantly inspiring. She penetrates to the core of ART.

Arthur Knight


Leslie’s love of theater arts and her ability to teach and lead is infectious. You will be transported even in areas in which you did not think you had an interest.

Terry Blanchard


During the many years I have known and worked with Leslie … as director, actor, dramaturg, critic, teacher, writer, dramatic confidante and close friend  … I have grown accustomed to bringing problems to her and receiving advice that is always concise, brilliant and utterly creative. She is the most knowledgeable, thoughtful, generous and experienced theatre person I have ever met. Period.  

Josh Faigen


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