Statement of COVID-Safer Protocols

Affirmation of Vaccination Status

Waiver of COVID Liability 

Welcome to the Lab!  Because we are yet again in a COVID season, and we also have flu, RSV, and colds circulating, it’s important to set some protocols for our work together.  These protocols are designed to allow us to work without masks on as often as possible, so please take them seriously and help me apply them fairly and equally.

YOU ARE EXPECTED TO BE CURRENT ON YOUR COVID VACCINATIONS. “Current” means that you have received your complete round of doses of a CDC-approved vaccine and that you’ve received any boosters for which you are eligible.  After your first affirmation of vaccination, I will not be checking on your status, as everyone has different contexts for their vaccination decisions, so this is on the “honor system.”  But I strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t had their most recent booster to do so.

MASKS ARE NOW OPTIONAL IN PUBLIC AREAS OF THE BUILDINGS WHERE WE REHEARSE. Mask requirements are currently lifted in the hallways, staircases, and bathrooms of each facility. I strongly encourage you to mask in tight corridors or public restrooms in these spaces.

PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS UPON ARRIVAL IN THE LEMON PUNCH STUDIO. I have two sinks in the studio: a utility sink in the main area and a sink in the handicapped-accessible bathroom. There will be ample soap and paper towels provided.


  • Please notify me immediately if you are exposed to COVID or test positive.
  • Do not attend class if you have any symptoms of COVID or any other contagious illness like flu or a cold.
  • If you have tested positive for COVID, you must wait at least SEVEN DAYS after the onset of your symptoms, or after your positive test result in the case of asymptomatic infection, before you may return to live class. You must wear your mask through day TEN. Classes may move temporarily to Zoom.
  • If you have been exposed to COVID, you must wait at least FIVE DAYS after exposure and test negative to return to class, and you must wear your mask through day TEN. Classes may temporarily move to Zoom.
  • If you do have to miss class, I will work with you to decide how you’d like to make up the time, be it through Zoom coaching, in-studio coaching after your symptoms have passed, or with credit towards your next class.

Please consider your involvement with high COVID risks, such as international flights, when registering for classes. This is an evolving situation, and we all have different comfort levels, so if you aren’t sure about a scheduled activity, please ask and we can discuss options.

These protocols may be amended at any time in accordance with changes in community transmission numbers and/or state guidelines and health recommendations. Thank you so much for joining us in the Lab, and for helping us to keep everyone healthy, safe, and acting!

Affirmation of Vaccination Status

I,  First & Last Name(s) (print): _____________________________________________ received my final dose of the ____________________ Vaccine on Date (mm/dd/yy) : ____/____/____ .

Waiver of Liability:

____ I accept ____ I do not accept this Waiver of Liability.

I understand and am familiar with the classes and programs offered at Lemon Punch Theatre Lab in which I choose to participate. I acknowledge that there is a risk of injury or illness, including the possibility of COVID infection, when I am in the space. In consideration of the facility and location provided to me, I forever release, discharge, and hold harmless Lemon Punch Theatre Lab and any of its employees, representatives, or members from all liability or claim.

I, the undersigned, have read, understood, and agree with all the above terms:

First & Last Name(s) (print): _____________________________________________
Signature: _____________________________________________________
Date (mm/dd/yy) : ____/____/____


Updated January 19, 2023