Olivia Winters, Mariantonia Boulay & Haley Dunning perform in the Lemon Live Fest #2.

I’m deeply grateful that, with the support of many students, friends, colleagues, and loved ones, I have been able to keep Lemon Punch Theatre Lab alive through online classes and events. Our Zoom LEMON LIVE MICROPLAY FESTS 1 & 2, were great successes. We’ve also held ADVANCED SCENE STUDY, GOING SOLO, BOOT CAMP and LABAN all online. This month, we launch the third LEMON LIVE FESTIVAL as a New Play Workshop. We are writing, playing improv games, clowning, doing scene analysis, exploring visual design within the Zoom technology, even managing to do movement work together, in spite of being apart. Lemon Punch is not alone in this work, and I’ve been delighted to partner with colleagues from theatre KAPOW and New Hampshire Theatre Project, and I hope to make even more connections as this time of COVID isolation spurs us to reach across the distance. I know that this hybrid form of performance, theatre that is live in time but mediated in space through technology, will be here to stay even after we are able to return to the studios and theatres. It’s a valuable tool now, for bringing distant collaborators together, for discovering new ways of teaching and telling stories, and for reflecting new understandings about ourselves and each other. Thank you for joining me in this exploration. I will see you soon, in a Zoom room . . . and one day, again, in the studio!