On November 9th & 10th, Lemon Punch Theatre Lab participated in our first Amesbury Open Studios Tour! For two days, the building at 14 Cedar Street was full of visitors coming to see and shop for the art created by my talented neighbors. I brought my collection of hand-crafted masks and had them lined up along the window sills, so I could do quick demonstrations. Although I built all the masks myself, I have three which I keep for my own performances (Brighina, Stupino and Pulcinella). I have another dozen or so in a range of sizes for students to wear. The masks came in handy to explain what I do in the Lab–no amount of talk is as effective as 30 seconds of a masked character introducing themself. Happily, some of my guests were game to try on the masks, too! 

The traffic was lively on Saturday and I scarcely had time to breathe between impromptu performances and offering cookies (ever-present and always popular). Sunday was steady but at a slower pace, so my friend and fellow theatre-maker Deb Barry was able to capture some great pictures. Even my brother stopped by! It was a marvelous way to spread the word about the classes and theatre-making at the Lab. 

Speaking of which, next up is the Laban Movement for Actors workshop! I’m also coaching two projects and directing a short play for the Firehouse New Works Festival. So the lights are on and the gears are turning as we head into the holiday season.